Where in the world is my iPad? aka How to defeat content blocking

Streaming media is the future. Content blocking because of distribution rights is stupid.

You want to use Hulu outside of the US? View content from the BBC iPlayer outside of the UK? Or maybe you’re just a European that want to use American streaming services for TV, say the ABC player? – Not even a challenge, that’s how easy it is. And yes, this will also work across 3G network, and for anyone anywhere in the world. Also note you do not need to jailbreak your device to make this work.

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Two Media enter – one Stream leave

Just the other day a friend told me of a collegue who thinks you should carry all your media with you. My friend instantly thought about me and apparently depicted locking me and the collegue up in a room to see who comes out alive.  I like the Thunderdome reference, and I also like streming media. No surprises there I suppose, if you’ve read something of this blog.

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Air play, Air video, Air fun

So far so good. Now you should be the proud owner of a bit of hardware, and means of filling it up with data. Let’s hold to that a moment and make a proof of concept, just to see that everything is heading in the right direction. Let’s make it simple. Let’s stream video.

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The Goal (assembling your digital home)

Yes I’m not talking about the unfortunate goal of last weeks game. However, if we’re going to wire your digital home we need a goal. Otherwise we would just be nerding without a purpose here, and that is decidedly uncool. Gadgets need a purpose to be cool. Let the old-school nerds play with their toys in the basement – that’s not us. We are cool.

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