First Post

Just the other day at the local pub I was discussing with a friend over a pint. A slowly degrading somewhat philosophical discussion trying to categorize what type of nerd I was. Obviously there are lots of different nerds, collector nerds, outdoor nerds, science nerds, movie nerds.. well technically I’m probably a movie nerd too, but lets leave that for another time. We’re both working in the IT business so our focus was on the computer nerd.

My friend’s standpoint was that he generalized computer geeks into old-school nerds, and new social-network type of nerds. Old-school would be the command-line, usually Linux biased, I-have-full-control-of-my-text-based-system type of nerd who will ask you for your mIRC contact information. The new social-network nerd in turn fully embraces the next big thing, truly an expert on twitter, facebook and basically lives in the cloud.

Problem was, my friend couldn’t quite quantify where he would put me.

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