Get your NAS fully automated with SABnzbd

Alright. Time to go old-school (unfortunately). I promise this will be one of the few overly complicated posts I’ll ever write here – but in order to install the Usenet clientSABnzbd on our NAS this is what we need to go through. This is what Linux is like – amazingly user-friendly. Bah, in terms of usability you should only consider Linux when there are no alternatives, at least if you want a simple life. However, as long as you can copy paste this should be perfectly ok and easy enough. So without further ado, here goes SABnzbd part 2, installing it on a ReadyNAS. And remember Ford Prefect in the Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Don’t Panic.

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SABnzbd – full auto Usenet download

Alright, so you have a Usenet provider (like Giganews) and a means of searching for files (indexing sites like Newzbin and nzbMatrix). Now you just need a means of actually downloading something. Following the same logic as BitTorrent you will need a download client, and there are quite a few of them availible on the net. I’m only going to mention one, and go through how you install it, because I consider it to be the best one.

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medianzb – site currently unavailible

The King is dead, all hail the king! I think it is finally time to accept that the site/service medianzb is down and out for good. Automated downloads has suffered a big blow. Luckily it has near inpenetrable armor, and is impossible to kill.

Those of you who don’t know what was there is really no point in explaining it anymore, but in short terms it was a site creating a feed of TV-serie episodes. You would select TV-series from a list of over a 100 and it would create a feed that you could put in a component of your digital home, which would listen and automatically download any new episode as soon as it became availibe on the internet. Which makes it glaringly obvious why the site has suddenly been terminated without explanation.

The sad thing about it is that it was so easy and seamless to use, visit a site, check some boxes, copy an url and all of the sudden you would have all new episodes on all TV series you were following automatically on your computer at the time of release.

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