Download Lingo – do you speak it?

Do you know your Telecine from your Telesync? Do you wonder what all those odd letters are doing in the file names while browsing about Piratebay? Well, read on. This information is availible all over the internet and this is yet another unoriginal and comprehensive writeup. But it’s all in line with the rest of the posts here, and the idea here is to keep all the useful stuff in one place. So let’s start by having a look at the common movie download terminology.

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Two Media enter – one Stream leave

Just the other day a friend told me of a collegue who thinks you should carry all your media with you. My friend instantly thought about me and apparently depicted locking me and the collegue up in a room to see who comes out alive.  I like the Thunderdome reference, and I also like streming media. No surprises there I suppose, if you’ve read something of this blog.

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Air play, Air video, Air fun

So far so good. Now you should be the proud owner of a bit of hardware, and means of filling it up with data. Let’s hold to that a moment and make a proof of concept, just to see that everything is heading in the right direction. Let’s make it simple. Let’s stream video.

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Indexing sites – google for Usenet

Now that you’ve mastered Usenet and know all about newsgroups and retention let’s move on to the next topic of your digital home. Indexing sites for Usenet.

So far we’ve learned that Usenet is a worldwide public service that was created before the World Wide Web. It is used for discussion and sharing of information on any subject imaginable. There are lots of news-servers across the globe and periodically they connect to each other and exchange all missing information on either server. And so every bit of information posted by any user eventually gets distributed across the whole network. Just one small problem…

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Game Plan (assembling your digital home)

Let’s have a first quarter time-out here and go over the game plan. That way you can google stuff on your own and plan ahead. I’ll go over the details on each part later on, but this is the overall strategy for reaching our goal. Let’s make sure we can talk the game, as well as play the game.

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The Usenet Club

First rule of Usenet. We do not talk about Usenet. Second rule of…

In the left corner, weighing in since 1979, the king of distributed systems, I give to you – Usenet! An old internet relic being streamlined and rapidly changing into an unstoppable juggernaut of file-sharing. It almost feels like a Rocky Balboa comeback, and the perfect example of how the old uncool becomes the new cool.

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