Legal stuff

This blog is purely for informative purposes. The tools presented here may be used to download material from the internet which is protected by copyright laws. Always check legality of downloads in your area, and proceed at your own risk.

In short: I take no responsibility for what you download from the internet.

It is well know technology and copyright protection laws are not always on speaking terms. Just look at the case of downloading TV-shows off the internet. Some legal analysts suggest that consumers who download television shows are clearly in violation of existing copyright laws. Others have the opinion that it is equal to the practice of videotaping or digitally recording broadcasts for later personal viewing. It can hardly be said that using your old VCR recorder at home to tape your favorite TV-show is illegal. Then came internet and streaming video, and everything was blurred into a copyright infringement mess.

The technology exists in streaming media and the sales of necessary hardware has not been outlawed, for instance a TiVo is not an illegal piece of equipment.


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