The future is 30% closer

I read recently that illegal downloading was up 30% in the UK over the last couple of years. After sifting through the general media outcry and big words they did say some things that made sense, among the many things that didn’t. The researchers say the main reasons for increase in downloads are:

  1. Better technology and faster broadband
  2. It keeps getting easier and easier to download illegally
  3. The new generation simply don’t care about the risks of downloading
  4. Availability is a big issue and a lot of content is only available to download

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Cinavia Audio Watermark

What is Cinavia, and what does it have to do with me… and by the way why can’t I play this video file?

Well, likely, that is just random coincidence. But it could be that you can’t watch that movie in your home theater system because of the Cinavia DRM. It is a digital rights management system that requires two parts – a watermark in the audio stream and appropriate hardware to detect the stamp.

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Digital Pariah

I recall long ago a colleague of mine told me there is nothing more annoying than technology gone haywire, nothing can aggravate you more than when your laptop doesn’t function at work, your WiFi connection craps up or simply when Microsoft Word just stops working the way you want it to. Let’s not even begin to discuss non-functional printers at work.

I know there are kids starving in Africa yet I’m going mental because my ISP can’t seem to deliver a stable internet connection. I think many people in the industrial world recognize themselves in this. Today Facebook status updates are like hard drugs to an addict, take it away and instant withdrawal symptoms.

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Two Media enter – one Stream leave

Just the other day a friend told me of a collegue who thinks you should carry all your media with you. My friend instantly thought about me and apparently depicted locking me and the collegue up in a room to see who comes out alive.  I like the Thunderdome reference, and I also like streming media. No surprises there I suppose, if you’ve read something of this blog.

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Game Plan (assembling your digital home)

Let’s have a first quarter time-out here and go over the game plan. That way you can google stuff on your own and plan ahead. I’ll go over the details on each part later on, but this is the overall strategy for reaching our goal. Let’s make sure we can talk the game, as well as play the game.

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