About bratnerd

Technology made simple

Do you always have to ask your tech-wizard friend on how to fix your computer? Do you think the latest stuff looks pretty damn cool but you don’t really know why or how to use it? Programs, operating systems, Mac, PC, apps, routers, firewall, internet, mobility, 3G, hacks or paid services – is there simply just too much choice? Grab that steaming espresso and stay tuned. Let’s simplify that digital home of yours, and connect you to the world of tomorrow.

The aim of this blog is to cover ways of integrating the various digital parts of your home and how to put them together, both software and hardware, in a stylish and seamless way. Tips, tricks and guides to new technologies that look cool, and ideas on how and why to use them, as well as what stuff works great together.

If you’re new here check where the current buzz is all about at The Cool Wall.

If you’re interested in assembling a streaming mediahub connected to your home theater system a good place to start reading would be an overview on what to put together in The Game Plan. After that you should read about The Nerd, the NAS and the Wardrobe. Then head on over and learn all about usenet in The Usenet Club and Indexing sites – google for Usenet. Get started with streaming your media in Air play, Air video, Air fun and get your system fully automated in SABnzbd – full auto Usenet download (and how to install SABnzbd on your ReadyNAS).

There is lots more, so feel free to stick around and get inspired.


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