Digital Pariah

I recall long ago a colleague of mine told me there is nothing more annoying than technology gone haywire, nothing can aggravate you more than when your laptop doesn’t function at work, your WiFi connection craps up or simply when Microsoft Word just stops working the way you want it to. Let’s not even begin to discuss non-functional printers at work.

I know there are kids starving in Africa yet I’m going mental because my ISP can’t seem to deliver a stable internet connection. I think many people in the industrial world recognize themselves in this. Today Facebook status updates are like hard drugs to an addict, take it away and instant withdrawal symptoms.

Last couple of weeks I’ve become a digital pariah. First my internet connection goes down the drain, my ISP can’t seem to solve it and I’ve got technicians running in my home every couple of days scratching their heads at cables. Second, and in the middle of the internet debacle, my phone company decides to do a summer update which they naturally cock up leading up to an unusable phone. Imagine trying to stay in contact with the phone support of your ISP without being able to use your phone. I actually found myself at lunch with a friend begging to borrow his phone so I could call the support. Mental.

And the absurdity of the situation apparently has no limits. In conversation with my ISP company:

“Is your modem standing up?”
“I’m sorry what?”
“Is your modem standing up or lying down?”
“Ehm… it is lying down..”
“I see. Well your modem needs to be standing up or it will overheat and shut down.”
“Is this a joke?”
“Did you unplug the cable?”
“What do you mean? Yes obviously I unplugged the cable when I hooked it into the new modem.”
“Yes, but did you unplug the cable from the wall?”
“Why would I do that? I restarted the modem, isn’t that almost the same thing?”
“Many problems are solved by unplugging the cable in both ends.”
“Oh lord have mercy…”

Grasping for straws.

Stay tuned.


One thought on “Digital Pariah

  1. Yes technical support can irritating at times, almost always saying in unison like “the it crowd” absurd punchline “have you turned it off and on again?” and my response is to them”yes. why do you think I am calling you, you fool!” Thank goodness for internet forums.

    The comic was hilarious. Thanks for sharing.

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