Where in the world is my iPad? aka How to defeat content blocking

Streaming media is the future. Content blocking because of distribution rights is stupid.

You want to use Hulu outside of the US? View content from the BBC iPlayer outside of the UK? Or maybe you’re just a European that want to use American streaming services for TV, say the ABC player? – Not even a challenge, that’s how easy it is. And yes, this will also work across 3G network, and for anyone anywhere in the world. Also note you do not need to jailbreak your device to make this work.

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Digital Pariah

I recall long ago a colleague of mine told me there is nothing more annoying than technology gone haywire, nothing can aggravate you more than when your laptop doesn’t function at work, your WiFi connection craps up or simply when Microsoft Word just stops working the way you want it to. Let’s not even begin to discuss non-functional printers at work.

I know there are kids starving in Africa yet I’m going mental because my ISP can’t seem to deliver a stable internet connection. I think many people in the industrial world recognize themselves in this. Today Facebook status updates are like hard drugs to an addict, take it away and instant withdrawal symptoms.

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