One Remote to rule them all

“Three Remote Controls for all Family-members under the roof,
Seven for the Kids in their various rooms,
Nine for all your friends doomed to confusion,
One for Yourself on the coffee table
Lost under the TV-couch where the Shadows lie.
One Remote to rule them all, One Remote to find them,
One Remote to bring them all and in the Digital Home bind them
Lost under the TV-couch where the Shadows lie.”

Once you start racking up gadgets in your digital home, the mountain of remote controls start to grow out of control. Clearly it’s a huge problem in industrial countries, where one more remote could very well mean the end of the world… Err, ok that aside, don’t you just hate it when you can’t find the remote you’re looking for, or that you have one remote with lots of buttons only to power-on a device? Well, there is of course a simple solution to all that for us slick nerds to casually impress any guests in our digital home (not to mention getting rid of the annoyance factor of a gazillion remote controls).

All you need is to create harmony on your coffee table, and for that you’ll need Logitech Harmony. A remote control to replace all your other ones. This is actually not a shameless ad post, it is just a tip for a really good working solution to an annoying problem you’ll be encountering in your digital home. Be a good bratnerd and just buy the solution. It is a useful gadget, not just nerding without a purpose. Cool, slick and simple.

You configure the remote control to control all your devices, and setup is done easily enough by hooking it up to your computer and following setup wizards. Easy and simple, and not covered here. The most difficult problem you’ll encounter is actually choosing which harmony control is right for you and your home.

For those of you with HTPCs, media PCs, the question of keyboard may arise. Likely you have hooked the media PC to your TV and using it as screen, and probably you would like to use the keyboard and mouse from a comfortable position in the couch – obviously without the hassle of ugly cables all over the place. But in your designed penthouse apartment a beige 1980s keyboard just won’t cut it, will it? Logitech happens to have a pretty slick solution for that aswell, the Dinovo Mini is what you need.

And that’s just the top of the iceberg when it comes to the cool world of remote controls. The Harmony controls can be bought with RF (radio frequency) adapters, meaning you can control your devices when they are hidden away inside your various furniture. You can also buy a Playstation 3 adapter, which means you can control your PS3 with the harmony remote aswell. It really will controll all your devices, wherever they are hidden.

Stop the endless search for remotes lost under the TV-couch. It is time to get rid of all the extra weight, slim down your system, and be cool while doing it. Reach for inner harmony.

Stay tuned.


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