One Remote to rule them all

“Three Remote Controls for all Family-members under the roof,
Seven for the Kids in their various rooms,
Nine for all your friends doomed to confusion,
One for Yourself on the coffee table
Lost under the TV-couch where the Shadows lie.
One Remote to rule them all, One Remote to find them,
One Remote to bring them all and in the Digital Home bind them
Lost under the TV-couch where the Shadows lie.”

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SABnzbd – full auto Usenet download

Alright, so you have a Usenet provider (like Giganews) and a means of searching for files (indexing sites like Newzbin and nzbMatrix). Now you just need a means of actually downloading something. Following the same logic as BitTorrent you will need a download client, and there are quite a few of them availible on the net. I’m only going to mention one, and go through how you install it, because I consider it to be the best one.

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