Game Plan (assembling your digital home)

Let’s have a first quarter time-out here and go over the game plan. That way you can google stuff on your own and plan ahead. I’ll go over the details on each part later on, but this is the overall strategy for reaching our goal. Let’s make sure we can talk the game, as well as play the game.

The NAS acts as our backend, on it we install SABnzbd, we put the Giganews (Usenet) account into SABnzbd as well as the newzbin and/or nzbMatrix accounts (we’ll also access newzbin/nzbMatrix from any browser). To the NAS we connect a HTPC, on which we run XBMC, AirVideo Server and Spotify (with helper). The HTPC connects directly to the A/V-receiver, which is hooked up to the TV and speakers (TV acts as monitor for the HTPC). On our mobile unit iPad/iPhone we install the apps XBMoteC, AirVideo Server and Remoteless (for Spotify). This should cover all our basic needs and win the game for us.

Did you get all that? Awesome. I told you it was really simple.

Ok, joking aside, this was just to make it possible to grasp all of the components of your new digital home, and how they fit together. I find it easier to understand why I should have something if I know how it ties into the rest. So in order to simplify, we must first put all the complicated stuff out there. Then we can go over all of it in order.

Depending on what you already have you might not even have to budget for all this stuff either. My recommendation is you start to look for the following hardware, a Netgear ReadyNAS, an ASUS EEEBox, iPad 2 (make sure you get with 3G) and iPhone. All of the software is free, but some services will cost you a running fee that will set you back a handful of dollars each month.

Observe I didn’t mention Android tablets or phones. There is a very good reason for that, but suffice to say at this point is all of the above stuff won’t work under Android. iOS has better stuff – go figure… The iPad is also very well priced, so it’s not a bad thing either.

Stay tuned for more, and while you wait please avoid federal prison. That would be seriously uncool.


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